Monday, March 24, 2008

#1 Gated Communities

Where previously they lived on farms, in small towns and in big cities, white people now prefer to live in gated communities in the netherland between town and country.
On the outside is a gate and a live person in a guard house in the nicer gated communities or an automatic gate in the lesser ones, and a sign that says something like "The Estates at Bink's Forest." Inside are houses lined along streets named after flowering plants and not called streets but "Way" or "Place" or "Lane" or "Court." The streets called "Court" usually end in a cul-de-sac, an especially cherished location, as cul-de-sacs have no through traffic.
The houses range from standard size ranch houses to 4,000 square foot McMansions. In the McMansion gated communities it is not rare to find a family of four living in a house with six bedrooms. The most prized houses in gated communities are those on cul-de-sacs, as mentioned before, or backed up to water or a golf course fairway. Houses in gated communities often have swimming pools even if the residents of the house only use it four or five times a year.

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